Welcome:  The picture above is the martian surface — its a billion pixel image viewer of images stitched together, all taken by the Curiosity Rover on Mars and gives one a feeling of being there.   My view is that humans will have to be there someday — to not go there means we live within the psychological and physical limit of one fragile world subject to its whims and ours.  Two worlds create a positive future.   But it is also my view that someday better be soon — otherwise we will lose the space race to the robots and artificial intelligence, virtually exploring.  That’s good enough for the rest of the universe beyond Mars — technology advances are huge for robots and small for human life support, but for Mars we need to physically be there.   So Mars is not just our next destination — it is our only destination.     

But now there is a new kind of space race:  and humans may be losing:

Human Spaceflight: From Mars to the Stars 
 by Louis Friedman;    
Available on Amazon in 2nd Printing by CoverUniversity of Arizona Press

A SPECIAL NOTE:  Of  greatest concern to Connie and me now is what is happening in our country.  Racism, bigotry, meanness and greed characterize the President with his policies of anti-international cooperation, anti environmental responsibility and anti-victims.  Every day it reminds me of the awful year of 1968, from which we may never have really recovered.  We give what we can to the most important cause:  changing our government.  

All that said, I worry about impeachment and recently wrote this letter to two Congressmen who are important now and I hope will become more important next year.  letter to Schiff Nadler



Another book in the works? — A history of my Russian adventures pursuing “Together to Mars”  Accompanying map:  Russia Adventures

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